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How to contact Gandi's customer support team...

... and why it's usually necessary to open a ticket for us to handle your request.

... and why it's usually necessary to open a ticket for us to handle your request.

At Gandi, we know the importance of fast, accurate responses to your questions. Our support team is 100% in-house, and since we opened an office in Taiwan, we have teams on 3 continents, meaning we now have nearly 24-hour coverage, 6 days a week, in multiple languages.

Although we have a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, we like to use these channels to talk about other subjects than support requests, like the cool stuff we are doing with virtual networking, supported projects, and our latest new gTLD releases.That's why you will see us direct customers to the Support contact page on our website to open a ticket if they post support requests there. The support request form is designed to gather all the data we need to give you a complete, accurate answer in as short a time as possible.

Why are tickets necessary?

  • Sometimes, a complex issue requiring the intervention of a specialist can be hidden behind a seemingly simple question. The diversity of our products and services sometimes leads to very specific situations. Opening a ticket allows us to collaborate and manage the flow of a ticket by directing i…  Read more...

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