For the entire month of September, all single-year creations of .MX domains are 75% off, regardless of your price level!

So, for example, a .MX at level A, the highest price, is just $12.00 (excluding any taxes) instead of the usual $48.00!

Act fast, since this promotion only lasts until September 30th, at 5:59 PM (Eastern time).


Want to register a .MX?


The Radix registry is getting ahead of the game by proposing a promotion on two new gTLDs before they've even entered General Availability!

Let's take advantage of it, shall we? We're offering discounted preregistrations under these TLDs until they enter GoLive on 17 September.

The first is .press: new one-year preregistrations will cost $65.00 instead of $94.97. This price will be available until 24 September (one week after the GoLive phase begins).

For .website, preregistrations will cost $14.90 instead of $30.31 until 17 November (two months after the GoLive phase begins).

These promotions are already active and apply to all rate scales except E.


Register a domain under one of these TLDs?:


All summer long, .ME domains creations are half price at Gandi. Yes, that's right! That's twice as many .ME as before, for the same price, or a whole domain, all for you, for $12.00 at A rates. 

This summer, celebrate yourself (or at least get a little attention). Here's your chance!


Register a .ME:?


Yes, it's true! We are opening an office in Asia!

The new point of presence for Gandi makes us truly global, with multi-continent support in the EU, the US, and now Asia as well, specifically in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Seriously, this is a big deal, and our Asian customers will be happy to know that a local support team is waiting to answer their questions. We want to celebrate, and for you to share in our excitement, we are offering .ASIA domains for just $2.00 (excluded tax) for one year. That's $23.00 less than the usual price!

The .ASIA domain is open to anyone, without restriction. 

This promotion only applies to the creation of .ASIA domain names for one year, during the months of July and August, 2014. It is not valid for renewals or transfers. 


Register a .ASIA?


Actually, Gandi has been in the USA for a while now (since 2010, as our hosting customers know very well). But now with our Asia office opening, we are pulling out the stops on all our global locations, with big promotions on .US, .EU, and .ASIA!

If you live in the U.S., or you have direct interests with this great country, then you are eligible for the creation of a .US domain. And you should take advantage of this great promotion: it's just $7.75 a year for up to 2 years, instead of $15.50. That's 50% off!

This promotion is valid for the months of July and August 2014, only the creations of .US domain names for up to 2 years, and does not apply to transfers and renewals. 


So, want to register a .US?


In celebration of our physical presence in 3 continents (Europe, North America, and Asia), we are offering a summer promotion on domain names related to our points of world presence: .US, .EU. and .ASIA.

For residents of the European Union, we are offering a .EU for just $2.00 (plus any tax) for any domain creation for 1-2 years. That's a big savings, since it is usually $15.00! This special promotion is valid throughout the months of July and August. Enjoy summer in the EU! 

Remember, .EU domains are reserved to natural and legal persons who can prove that they have an address in one of the 27 member countries of the European Union. 

This promotion is valid only on the creation of domains ending in .EU for one-two years, and does not apply to transfers and renewals.


Want to register a .EU? :


As a new gTLD, .buzz still has a lot of great names available. In fact only 6000 or so have been registered, so you have a huge selection!

Gandi has worked with the .BUZZ registry to offer you this extension at $5 off, which means you can register yours for one year at $35.54 at A rates.

This promotion is valid from July through September 2014. We hope you spread the word!


Register a .BUZZ:


The .CAT Registry has launched a very refreshing promotion for this summer.

You can now register a .CAT domain name for only $6.50 at A rates during the months of July and August.


Register a .CAT?:


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