Any .eu domain registered during the month of March 2014 will come with a second year of registration for $1 (1€).

The first year will cost the normal price of $15 (12€) at A rates.

This promotion only works on new .eu registrations with a duration of two years (and two years only) and does not apply to renewals. Note: This extension requires a valid postal address in the EU.

For more information or to register a .eu, see the .EU info page.

These are two highly anticipated extensions in the world of domains! With more than 3000 pre-reservations (at Gandi), you all are big fans of skin, apparently.

As of today, Tuesday, 25 February at 8am PST, .SEXY and .TATTOO are available for registration by anyone at regular rates.

A simple Google search with the right keywords makes it abundantly clear that there are many reasons to want a .sexy. At A rates, your titillating .sexy domain is only $21.70 away.

Why not declare your love for your beau or belle with and keep the flame going for at least the next 12 months*?

As far as .tattoo goes, we're looking at you, ink people. You know who you are. Whether you're a tattoo professional, Ötzi the Iceman, or simply someone with an appreciation for dermatological art, .tattoo represents a unique opportunity to showcase your work, your passion, or your gift to the anthropologists of the future.

.tattoo is open to all as of today, at a price of $32.44 at A rates.

* Reciprocal affection not guaranteed. We'll always love you, though.

As of Wednesday, 12 February, seven new extensions are added to the Donuts General Availability menu.

Here are the prices, at A rates:

As usual, orders that cannot be completed will be refunded.

It's a historic day for the internet.

As of today, Wednesday 5 February, the first new gTLDs are entering General Availability, meaning they can be purchased by anyone at regular prices.

You know what that means: it's first-come, first-served from here on out. The seven new extensions in question are as follows (accompanied by yearly registration and renewal prices at A rates):

As of right now, you can already register domains under these new gTLDs on our website.

The next set of new gTLDs entering General Availability (next Wednesday, 12 February) are the following:

You can already submit an order to register any of the seven new gTLDs above, and we'll automatically place it on your behalf when General Availability begins next week (select "Golive" from the dropdown menu). As always, we'll refund you if the domain is no longer availabile by the time the GA phase begins.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go register all the things.

In an era of rising prices, you have to admire Switch, the registry managing the Swiss ccTLD. Switch has just lowered the price of .CH domain creations, effective 1 January 2014.

We are happy to share the wealth, which in this case takes the form of a $5 price drop (from $23.00 to $18.00) for all new .CH registrations, effective immediately.

Renewal prices are not affected, and .CH transfers remain available free of charge. More information and prices are available on our .ch TLD info page.

.CH domains have no residency requirements. Ready to register yours? See if it's available:


The registry managing .SX, the official TLD of Sint Maarten (and unofficially the de facto sexy TLD, at least until .sex becomes available) is offering an exceptional discount of 50% for all new .SX registrations from 25 September 2013 to 30 March 2014.

Register a .SX:


We are happy to announce a drop in prices for .PT domains of $3, effective immediately, on all rate scales.

The .PT TLD now costs $29.00 (at A rates) instead of its earlier price of $32.

.PT, the national ccTLD of Portugal, has been open to registration by residents of any country since 1 May 2012. Registrants are still required to provide an ID number, but it doesn't have to be a Portugese ID. The first major change is that it's no longer necessary to have a commercial or personal name related to the domain name being registered!

Some additional details:

  • If you are a "corporate person" (business, association, etc) registered in the European Economic Community, you will have to provide an intra-community VAT number. If your business is located outside Europe, you will need to provide another fiscal identification number.
  • If you are a Portugese citizen, you will have to provide your Fiscal Code. Otherwise, you'll need to provide your passport number.

Whatever your business is, don't you want to be known as a pro? Now you can for less! For the months of November and December 2013, all new .PRO registrations are 50% off for all Gandi's price rates.


The .PRO domain name is for professionals to use for communications. It's only possible to register one with a company-type Gandi handle. For more information, see the .PRO info page.


Want to register a .PRO ? :


Starting Sept. 2nd, 2013, the Swedish registry is in charge of the .NU top-level domain. Among the changes made is the welcome fact that the price is reduced by $6 USD!

In summary:

  • You can now get a .NU domain for up to 10 years
  • All prices are now $6 less for .NU domains
  • Transfers of .NU domains to Gandi are FREE! 


Want to get a new .NU ? :


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