This Tuesday 11 March, we are pleased to introduce you to six new extensions entering Sunrise. You'll find .foundation, the most popular of the six newcomers, along with .pink and .red to bring a little color to your domains, as well as .shiksha (that is, "education" in Hindi), .kim (as in the common Asian surname), and even a .exposed with all its potential.

Here are the prices in Sunrise / Landrush / General Availability (GoLive):

  • .exposed $112.68 / $132.68 / $21.22
  • .foundation $119.68 / $139.68 / $32.49
  • .kim $40.54* / no Landrush / $16.31
  • .pink $40.54* / no Landrush / $16.31
  • .red $40.54* / no Landrush / $16.31
  • .shiksha $40.54* / no Landrush / $16.31

Note that there is no Landrush phase for the four Afilias extensions and that the Sunrise is first-come, first-served.

* The Sunrise price for .kim, .pink, .red and .shiksha includes a two-year registration.

If driving a .cab or a .limo is one of your .domains, well, it's your lucky day.

This Wednesday 12 March at 9am PST (16h00 UTC), three new Donuts gTLDs will enter General Availability: .domains, .cab and .limo. (The much-anticipated .company was supposed to become available on the same day, but has been pushed back a week.)

Here are the prices (at A rates) for these three domains, along with a link to the respective TLD info pages:

The .wien Sunrise started on 11 February and will continue until 1 May 2014. During this phase, only owners of a trademark registered in Austria and via the TMCH will be able to register .wien domains.

For the rest of us, Landrush begins 2 June and will last one month, followed by General Availability (aka GoLive) starting on 15 July 2014.

The Registry's rules stipulate that any owner of a .wien domain must have an economic, cultural, touristic, historical, social, or other connection to Vienna, which is a pretty generous amount of leeway if you ask us. (Finally, this fondness of schnitzel – nay, this love – is paying off!)

Prices for a .WIEN at A rates for the first year of registration are as follows:

  • Sunrise (11 Feb to 1 May): $1,254.68
  • Landrush (2 June to 2 July): $214.68
  • General Availability/GoLive (15 July 2014): $37.96

For more information or to pre-register a .WIEN, see the .wien TLD info page.

A maintenance on our GandiMail platform will be held on 2014-03-08 from 7:00 p.m. to 2014-03-09 7:00 a.m.  UTC (8 March, 11am to 11pm PST). 

Disturbances may occur during this maintenance, including intermittent access to in IMAP/POP3.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

UPDATE 2014-03-09 03:00 UTC (8 March 7pm PST): The maintenance is complete.

At exactly 8am (PST) this Wednesday, 5 March (that's 2014-03-05T16:00:00+00:00 for you UTC fans), .photos, .careers, .recipes and .shoes will become open for registration by the public at regular rates.

It's not uncommon for the tubes to get a little clogged at the beginning of a new gTLD's General Availability, so we warmly (it's the season) invite you to pre-register before the gate opens. That way, you can be in the first group sent to the Registy and our NOCs won't be so jumpy.

Here's the link to the pricing page for each extension, accompanied by the price of a one-year registration at A rates:

Help us announce these new extensions on Twitter: the author of the wittiest tweet* promoting one of the four new extensions above will get a free domain name under that extension (provided the domain you want is actually available and you meet the Registry's requirements).

Don't forget to link to this article and to mention @gandibar. You have 24 hours. Surprise us!

Click this big button right here -->

* ... and guess who gets to define "witty"? That's right, we do!

Any .eu domain registered during the month of March 2014 will come with a second year of registration for $1 (1€).

The first year will cost the normal price of $15 (12€) at A rates.

This promotion only works on new .eu registrations with a duration of two years (and two years only) and does not apply to renewals. Note: This extension requires a valid postal address in the EU.

For more information or to register a .eu, see the .EU info page.

A scheduled maintenance will take place on Wednesday 26/02 22:00 - 00:00 (UTC)

During the maintenance, zone file updates on domains hosted on {a,b,c} could be delayed.

Please excuse the inconveniance.



Gandi Team

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