Just as we were about to announce that we had a very significant price drop on .CN (the ccTLD of China) to just $10.13 at A rates, we realized a happy coincidence: it tuns out, it's also been five years now already that the IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) .中国 (.xn--fiqs8s) came to the Internet. The Chinese characters 中国 mean China and for Chinese speakers, it's obviously a much easier to decipher than the country code extension (.CN).

Therefore, to make the Internet easier for everyone to understand, if you register any new .CN domain name with Gandi from now until December 31, 2015, we will send you a code to register a .中国 domain name for free. Or, if you register a .中国 we will send you a code to register a .CN domain name for free.



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Imagine a non-hierarchical community of people, distributed across the face of the Earth (even beyond) with little regard for national boundaries, communicating with one another practically instantaneously.

Imagine the good this could accomplish for the progress of humanity. Scientists could share data from opposite sides of the globe, individual economic players could make transactions with one another 24/7, with little delay. In such a space, we can see the glimmering light of a new day for direct democracy, for the limitless freedom of expression and a truly egalitarian marketplace of ideas.

Obviously, that network exists and it's called the Internet. And maybe someday we'll get around to doing all those things with it. In the meatime, well, there's .sex.

And good news if that's what you're looking to do, because Wednesday November 4, 2015 at 8:00 AM PST, .sex enters the GoLive phase, in which it becomes available to everyone for just $127.59 per year (we're talking about the TLD here, mind you).

Want a .sex?


Miami sometimes gets the short end of the stick with a reputation centered around its beach and club image, but it's a city that in truth has many faces. From pastel-colored art deco hotels on Miami Beach, to masterpieces like the Bacardi Building, from A-list parties in South Miami to backyard salsa parties, the streets are filled with everything from pink-finned vintage Cadillacs to sleek yellow Bugattis.

It has many flavors, too. Home to medianoche and Cuban sandwiches, croquets and cortaditos, it's also home to chains like Burger King and Benihana. Sports fans can watch the Dolphins, the Marlins or especially the Heat and artistic types can celebrate the local culture at Miami Art Week the first week of December or visit top-notch art galleries year-round.

What's not to love about Miami? And to show how much we love it , we're pleased to announce that the price of Miami's very own TLD, .miami, will be dropped to just $14.99 per year at A rates at Gandi. Effective immediately.*

Show your love for .miami?


* We originally mistated this promotion as a price drop. Like a beachside mojito, this rate can't last forever!

We may have our satellite offices in San Francisco and Taipei, but with offices in Paris and Luxembourg, Gandi is also European (for better or for worse).

So it's with some pride that we are offering a promotion on .eu domains. As a reminder, .eu domains are available to European Union residents only, so this promotion is really for our fellow Europeans (and residents). Until midnight UTC on December 31, 2015, creations of .eu domains will be only 6,00 € per year (before VAT) (that's £5 or $7.50 USD for European residents paying in USD. We see you).

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Web Summit was created in Dublin in 2010 by Paddy Cosgrave. This year for the fifth annual summit, more than 30,000 attendees and 1,000 speakers. Over the course of just three days, twenty-one cycles of conferences covering the themes you might expect in a tech conference like design, marketing, e-commerce, Big Data (how could it not, really), as well as topics you might not expect, like mobile healthcare and the question of whether we actually live in a post-capitalist society.

So, to celebrate both this amazing event and the beautiful city of Dublin where Web Summit is taking place for the last time before it moves to Lisbon next year (a beautiful city as well, don't get us wrong), we've concocted our own Happy Hour special.

Through Web Summit, from November 2 through November 5, domains in the .BEER.PUB.BAR and .IRISH TLDs are at half price if you register them for one year during Happy Hour. But, of course, Happy Hour doesn't last all night. This deal is only valid on each of these days between the hours of 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM in Dublin (same as UTC).


So, join us for a .beer (in an .irish .pub or .bar) during Web Summit, and if you're lucky enough to be one of the 30,000 attendees, tweet us @gandi_net so we can meet up for Irish beer IRL too!


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Things move quickly in the tech world and if you blink an eye you might miss it. That's how it is at least with this promotion.

As you may be aware, .tech domains (normally $60.79) are already on sale for $9.99 per year. From November 2, 2015 through November 8, 2015 at 3:59 PM PST, however, .tech domains will be available for just $4.99 per year.  Once four o'clock Sunday afternoon rolls around, though, it'll be back to $9.99, so like all things tech, get a .tech while it's hot.

Get a .tech?


Started as the ccTLD for Cameroon, we believe .cm can achieve so much more. Like Community Management, for example, or Chief Minister. For fans of the metric system, centimeter (because sometimes you need to measure those distances too small for meters and too large for millimeters).

In fact, we believe in .cm so much that starting now until January 31, 2016 at 2:59 PM PST, .cm domains will be available for just $16.50 per year instead of the usual $94.00 per year at A rates.

Hopefully this will help .cm reach Critical Mass. Okay, enough.

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Remember what real laughter sounds like? What real applause is like?

We know, a laugh track is supposed to elicit a psychological response in those who hear it that makes them laugh too. But somehow canned laughter always sounds just a little bit … off. The audience reaction never seems to be quite appropriate, always seems a bit too uproarious, and to pivot to a totally different emotion a bit too quickly.

Two new TLDs are entering the GoLive phase today that remind us that ultimately, nothing beats the spontaneity of the proverbial  .live .studio audience (if only we had a .live .studio audience for announcing new gTLDs like these).

Both .live and .studio are both entering the GoLive phase this Wednesday October 28th at 9:00 am PDT. Each will be available for $31.15 per year at A rates.

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If you use Gandi day-to-day, you're probably familiar by now with status.gandi.net, or you've at least seen the little green (okay sometimes red or orange) light next to your login.

Being committed to using Open Source solutions whenever possible, when we couldn't find an Open Source option that had all the features we were looking for, we developed one in-house, that we dubbed "baobab."

With a backend and API based on the Django framework and a public site written in Angular.js, the tool lets you:

  • Publish items in a chronological order such as incidents and scheduled maintenances
  • Share messages on Twitter or IRC (with the option to add other social networks)
  • Translate messages for multi-language sites
  • Subscribe to an RSS feed

We invite anyone interested to have a look in our project repository and use it or adapt it to your needs. Of course, don't hesitate to send feedback via GitHub Issues or even to propose your own improvements or new features. We welcome any and all input.

If we told you this TLD (now entering the GoLive phase), .健康 means "healthy" in Chinese, you might be tempted to start thinking about acupuncture and herbal medicine, and while these practices are testament to the fact that medicine in China has been around for millennia and China's recorded history of medicine extends further back than just about any other civilization on Earth, it's not necessarily fair.

But with roots that deep, it's no wonder that China now has nearly 2 million physicians. However you define "healthy," it's clear that health care—whether traditional or "modern"—is a healthy enterprise in China.

And Tuesday October 27th, 2015 at 6:00 AM PDT, .健康, (puny-code .xn--nyqy26a) enters the GoLive phase, opening up domains for anyone interested in the intersection of "health" and China, to register a domain for $2016.19 per year (at A rates).

Register a .健康?


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