We are facing problems reaching the .eu registry servers. The corresponding domain availability search service is not available. Our teams are working on the matter.


Thanks for your patience.

3 new gTLDs are now in Sunrise at Gandi: .bar, .rest, and .xyz.

These three extensions are currently in Sunrise. Non-trademark holders can already submit Landrush and GoLive pre-registrations, which we will submit at the beginning of the corresponding phase in the order we receive them.

Here's the list, accompanied by a link to the TLD info page as well as the price in Sunrise and the GoLive date and price, at A rates:

  • .BAR   $193.02 | $85.43 (begins 14 July)
  • .REST $148.24 | $42.88 (begins 14 July)
  • .XYZ    $228.91 | $13.63 (begins 2 June)

Register a domain under one of these extensions?

Some physical machines hosting IaaS VMs are unreachable due to an issue we are currently analyzing.

We are fixing the issues and restarting the VMs on other physical machines as soon as possible.

Thank you not to do any operation on your VM until the emergency maintenance is ongoing. and not finished.

At the end of the maintenance, if your server does not respond well, please contact our hosting support team by mail using the 'blocked server' option.


Sorry for the inconvenience this issue may cause to you.


UPDATE 12h20 : the situation is back to normal, we are still analyzing the metrics and the logs.

It's an unusual Donuts Tuesday in that only a single new gTLD is becoming available today: .services.

The new extension has just entered the Sunrise phase. As usual, only TMCH trademark holders can register domains during this phase, but anyone can submit a Landrush or GoLive pre-registration, which we will submit for you at the beginning of the corresponding phase.

During Sunrise, which lasts until 28 June 2014, a .services registration will cost $158.68 at A rates.

General Availability (a.k.a. GoLive) begins 9 July, after which the price of registration for a single year will cost $38.34 at A rates.

If you're really determined to get a given .services domain, but don't hold a trademark, you can register during the 3-day Landrush, which lasts from 6 to 9 July, for $178.68.


[Pre-]register a .services domain?


During April and May 2014, you can register a new .CO for one year for half price: $16.50 instead of the regular $33.00 at A rates.

The timing is perfect for this promo: .CO, technically the ccTLD of Colombia, is becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry as a generic extension. Google has even confirmed it will consider it as a GccTLD for the purposes of indexing and SEO [Wikipedia].

.CO domains are available to all, with no residency restrictions. For more information or to register a domain, see the .co TLD info page.

Register a .CO?


A maintenance will be performed on our hosting infrastructure at Baltimore (USA) and Bissen (Luxembourg).

The following services will be interrupted for a few minutes starting at 2014-04-29 05h00 UTC (2014-04-29 10pm PST):

  • New SFTP/GIT sessions
  • Reverse resolvers for customer IPs
  • Operations on servers and Simple Hosting

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

Donuts is serving up three new gTLDs: .vision, .report and .fish.

These three new extensions will remain in Sunrise until 21 June. General Availability begins 2 July.

As usual, you can pre-register for any of the phases in order to be the first in line.

Prices in Sunrise and GoLive are below:

  • .FISH:        $158.68 | $38.34
  • .REPORT: $151.68 | $25.04
  • .VISION:    $158.68 | $38.34

Search for a domain under one of these TLDs:

An emergency maintenance will be done to improve our storage on Paris datacenter Wednesday 22 April 2014 between 3pm and 9pm PST (2014-04-22 22h00 and 2014-04-23 4h00 UTC).

There may be network interruptions lasting a few seconds per storage unit. The I/O will come back without any operation needed on your side. It is not necessary to reboot your virtual server.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvience caused by this maintenance. This post will be updated when maintenance has been completed.


This maintenance has been completed. Some additional issues were uncovered, and the entire maintenance took a little over 2 hours.

We do apologise for the inconvenience.  


EDIT Tue Apr 29 23:30:00 CEST 2014 : The maintenance will be completed from 00:00 to 01:00 tonight for the storage units that have not been upgraded last time.

Five new gTLDs have entered Sunrise at Gandi. As usual, during this phase, only TMCH trademark holders can submit actual registrations, but anyone can submit a pre-registration for Landrush or GoLive and we'll submit it for you at the earliest possible moment. The Sunrise phase ends 14 June and GoLive begins 25 June.

Below, you'll find a list of the new extensions with a link to the pricing page, the Sunrise price and the GoLive price, all at A rates:

Search for a domain under any of these extensions:

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