Tomorrow (Tuesday, 6 May), .QPON is entering General Availability.

There was no Landrush for this extension! That means a veritable goldmine of domain names is available, beginning Tuesday 5 May at 8am PST sharp (15:00 UTC).

If you're reading this before then, and you want a .QPON domain but have not yet pre-registered, now is the time! We will submit pre-registrations at the earliest possible moment.

Pre-registrations are the same price as registrations, and you will be refunded in the event the domain cannot be successfully registered.

The price of a one-year registration or pre-registration is $19.72 at A rates.

So what are you waiting for?


[Pre]Register a .QPON:


In a way, the .NYC extension resembles the city it represents: attractive, but only welcoming if you meet its standards. In effect, this new geographic TLD is only available under certain conditions.

The Sunrise period, as usual, will only be available to those with TMCH-registered trademarks; in this case, you must also have a verifiable address in New York city. P.O. boxes don't count - you need a real street address in the city that never sleeps. 

The Sunrise will last until June 20th 2014. The price of a one-year registration during Sunrise is $66.84.

A special, secondary Sunrise phase will begin a few days later; from 25 June to 31 July, the extension will be available only to city government services.

The Landrush phase will take place from August 4th to October 3rd. During this time, registration will cost $95.34 and will be open to anyone with a valid address in the city.

General Availability will begin October 8th 2014, after which the price of a one-year registration will be $38.34.

For more information, or to register or pre-register, see the .nyc TLD info page.


If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere:


Beginning in July 2014, the price for domains under the United States' ccTLD will be raised by the registry.

Our own .US prices will be raised to reflect this increased cost: The annual registration for .US domains will be raised from $15.00 to $15.50. This will apply to registrations as well as renewals.

What that means is that now might be a good time to renew or register your .US domains. You before July first! Consider also registering them for the longest possible period (up to a maximum of 10 years) in order to take advantage of the current price.

.kiwi just entered GoLive!

The price of a one-year registration is $31.67 at A rates.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind you that in addition to being super tasty, kiwis are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, iron and folic acid. Between that and the fact that 20% of the registry's profits will be donated to Christchurch's earthquake recovery, you have no reason not to buy and/or eat at least 5 per day!

Ready to bite into a .KIWI?:


We experienced an outage on the Gandi mail platform this morning. The outage was due to human error, rather than any failure of equipment or software. 

Here is the timeline (in UTC):

14:57 - A human error was made that introduced a problem for customers connecting to Gandi's email infrastructure. 

15:00 - Notification of the outage posted to Gandi's web site

15:06 - Physical connectivity restored. One machine unresponsive. 

15:23 - Full connectivity and machine function restored. 

In summary, some 15,975 mailboxes were not accessible for checking received messages or sending emails from 14:57 to 15:23 UTC. No data was lost. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this incident may have caused. 

Today, Tuesday, 29 April, another new gTLD has entered GoLive: .build.

The people behind .build were probably thinking of brick and mortar buildings and other, you know, concrete things.

But we all know that the only good .build is the one that passes all the unit and integration tests, are we right?

Whether you're a construction professional, a big fan of Legos, or a diehard Docker fanatic, you can now register your very own .build domain for $95.34 at A rates.

Register a .BUILD? :


Today, Wednesday 30 April, another new gTLD is entering Sunrise at Gandi: .actor.

As usual, only TMCH trademark holders can register domains during this phase, but anyone can submit a Landrush or GoLive pre-registration, which we will submit for you at the beginning of the corresponding phase.

During Sunrise, which lasts until 30 June 2014, a .actor registration will cost $144.67 at A rates.

General Availability (a.k.a. GoLive) begins 6 August, after which the price of registration for a single year will cost $40.54 at A rates.

If you're really determined to get a .actor domain, but don't hold the corresponding trademark, you can register during the 3-day Landrush, which lasts from 9 to 28 July, for $169.67.


Reserve or register a .ACTOR?:




We are facing problems reaching the .eu registry servers. The corresponding domain availability search service is not available. Our teams are working on the matter.


Thanks for your patience.

3 new gTLDs are now in Sunrise at Gandi: .bar, .rest, and .xyz.

These three extensions are currently in Sunrise. Non-trademark holders can already submit Landrush and GoLive pre-registrations, which we will submit at the beginning of the corresponding phase in the order we receive them.

Here's the list, accompanied by a link to the TLD info page as well as the price in Sunrise and the GoLive date and price, at A rates:

  • .BAR   $193.02 | $85.43 (begins 14 July)
  • .REST $148.24 | $42.88 (begins 14 July)
  • .XYZ    $228.91 | $13.63 (begins 2 June)

Register a domain under one of these extensions?

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