Queue Strauss's Also sprach Zarathustra because … this Wednesday September 23, 2015 … ..earth … enters a new era: the Sunrise phase. And the Sunrise is always beautiful over .earth.

This extension is especially for any Earthling, Star Child, or members of the galactic Earth diaspora with direct or indirect links to Earth's citizens, cultures, or its languages. In the Sunrise phase, domains will be available for $250.39 per year.

The Sunrise phase is for TMCH-registered trademark holders. Contact our corporate support team if you have a TMCH-registered trademark (or would like help registering your existing trademark at TMCH) in order to register one of these new gTLDs during Sunrise. If you are not among the trademarked, you can still pre-register for the GoLive phase which begins Thursday November 19, 2015, at which point domains will be available for just $31.15. There will be no Landrush phase for .earth. We hope that's because the land belongs to us all?

In any case, don't miss your chance. There's only one .earth.

Register a .earth?



If you haven't bought your .tickets, yet, thankfully you don't have to hit up Craiglist or the shady guy on the corner with a cardboard-and-sharpie sign. Not only that, but instead of huge mark-ups, now that .tickets is in the GoLive phase, it's only $486.19 per year at A rates (they were $1242.19 in the Landrush phase).

.tickets go on sale in the GoLive phase starting Tuesday September 21, 2015 at 7:00 AM PDT.

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Gandi is now offering two new gTLDs that are specifically related to Chinese-speakers. These extensions have been around for a while now and we're proud to be able to start offering them now.

English speakers may be familiar with .wang because it's the last name of more than 100 million people of Chinese descent around the world. It's also one of the top 500 surnames in the US. But .wang isn't just for them.

Depending on how you spell it in the Chinese alphabet, .wang also means "web" or "net," which means saying ".wang" means almost the same as .com or .net in Chinese. In this sense, it can signify a company's online portal. Our site could be called, then, Gandi-wang. But the word is also used for online communities, networks, and other Internet-related terms, making its other meaning, king, that much more appropriate. Wang is king. And we will be offering domains in this extension for $14.73 a year at A rates.

As for .我爱你, these characters translate to "I love you," this is perfect for the opening of the new UN session on Monday September 21, dubbed by resolution in 1981 the International Day of Peace. Here's hoping assembled delegates can find it within themselves to say "我爱你." Let's be realistic, that probably won't happen this year. But you can still register a .我爱你 for $45.51 a year at A rates to show the world that at least you love it.

Register a .wang or a .我爱你?


We recommend making sure that automatic updates are enabled for your WordPress installation, or running a manual update. There's a lot to gain, and a lot to lose if you don't, since this release is mainly focused on security fixes.

Two of the corrected vulnerabilities are XSS (Cross Site Scripting), related to the processing of "shortcode" tags in versions 4.3 and earlier, and the user list page.

The other problem is a privilege escalation which in some cases allows an unauthorized user to post private items and mark them as "sticky".

Although this version does not add any new features, it corrects a total of 26 bugs that exist in version 4.3.

In all, 64 files have been modified, with improvements to various aspects of the web interface of the world's most popular CMS, as well as its backend functions.

So, log in to your admin console and get started!

Visit the official changelog for more details: https://codex.wordpress.org/Version_4.3.1

Our friends at Donuts have released a batch of letter-letter, letter-number, and number-number two character domains in all of thier top-level domains.

There's a lot to choose from and as of 08:00 Pacific time, September 16th, they are open to all.

With 183 top-level domains, that's saying something! Some of our favorites:






...and so many more.

If you ever wanted a short domain name, now's your chance! Premium prices will apply. Look here now for the 2-character domain you always wanted.

At 08:00 Pacific time (why not half past 10, we'll never know), September 16th, it will officially be true that .MEN (domains) will be generally available. It won't be true before then. It will be true forever after.

If .MEN (domains) are your thing, this is your chance! Pick one up (as it were) for a mere $41.37, at A rates. 


Registrer a .MEN ? :


Yez, u can has .lol nao. As ov August 11, teh new .lol extenshun has entrd teh GoLiv fase, an we r hoping ill feels tickld by the redikulus 90%-off promoshun *cough* *cough*

Excuse us, hairball.

As we were saying, we were hoping you would feel tickled by our 90%-off promotion until the end of teh yer—err … the year—but please try to hold in your laughs (and we'll hold in our lolcats) while we explain:

This is an extension not just for lolcats, but for all kinds of cats (but especially those who like to laugh. Out loud, that is).

And with the promotion until the end of the year, you can get one of these domains for just $4.14 for a one-year registration at A rates (normally $41.41).

U can stop holdin in ur laffs nao and registr a .lol domain todai.

Registr .lol?


What's your favorite thing about Taipei? Is it seeing Taipei 101 rain down fireworks like a fountain of light for the New Year? The smile on the Ubikes? Shilin Night Market after dark? Our Gandi Asia office? The new gTLD .taipei invites you to celebrate all of these and more. Domains in this TLD will be available for $26.94.

In its previous phases, .taipei has already distinguished itself as a tool for promoting brand awareness and engaging and bonding with local customers, and now it's time for Taipeiers of all walks of life to keep Taipei a pioneer in the digital world, so do your part and register yours today.

Register a .taipei?


Simple Hosting, our Platform-as-a-Service hosting option, now supports npm start scripts, a function currently used by nearly all pre-packaged Node.JS applications that also promises to offer greater functionality to advanced Simple Hosting users.

Until now, you needed to put a 'server.js' file on the root of your project in order for your application to boot correctly. Now you have added flexibility and control, specifically over the way your application starts up using a `package.json` file.

You can, then, define the point of entry of your application with `package.json["main"]` :

"name" : "foo",
"version" : "1.2.3",
"description" : "A packaged foo fooer for fooing foos",
"main" : "index.js",

In the above example, the index.js file is used to boot your application with node.

The other option is to define a command to launch on start-up of your application with `package.json["scripts"]["start"]`

// package.json
"name" : "foo",
"version" : "1.2.3",
"description" : "A packaged foo fooer for fooing foos",
"scripts": {
"start": "node index.js"

Careful readers may have already discerned, correctly, that this means access to the launch parameters of the node process. This means, for example, that you can use ES6, the newest version of JavaScript, and all the latest features that entails, on your instance

"engines": {
"node": ">=0.12"
"scripts": {
"start": "node --harmony app.js"

This new functionality allows you also to take environment variables into account with the start command. Previously, this was only possible from the application itself.

// package.json
"scripts": {
"start": "NODE_ENV=staging node app.js"

You can use this functionality to manage your application's processes yourself, with process managers like pm2.

We recommend taking a look at our wiki to see more examples of both basic and advanced uses.

If you already have a Node.js instance, this update doesn't require any change. To take advantage of the new functionalities, you just need to delete or rename `server.js` and configure `package.json` to start up according to your customization.

Of course, for your next project, we recommend starting off using these new features.

These changes will become permanent on December 1, 2015 when priority will be given to instructions found in the `package.json` file. The file `server.js` will only be referenced from that point on as a last resort.

Want to try Node.js on a Simple Hosting instance? Try a free five-day trial.

It may only be the beginning of September and so the end of the summer, but we're already thinking about the slopes (and hopefully El Niño brings us some good snow this year) with .ski entering the GoLive phase.

Of course, we were also thinking about pierogis and polkas when we announced that this TLD would be entering the Sunrise phase back in July. We thought this TLD could also be a great way for any Gandiens to show their love for all things Polish.

Either way you crack it, .ski is now in the GoLive phase and open to anyone for $48.31 per year at A rates.

Register a .ski?


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