Let us build it for you!

If you don't have the time or desire to build your own website, we can do it for you. We have two plans to choose from, depending on your budget and needs.

In both cases, you choose the content (text, images, videos, etc.) and validate the final result. Once you are satisfied with it, you take control and update the content as often as you like.

Standard design

  • Design and integration of up to 5 pages
  • Choose any existing template
  • Up to 3 modification requests

Premium design

  • Design and integration of up to 20 pages
  • Your custom-designed template (or let the team create it for you from scratch)
  • Up to 3 modification requests

US$1,300.00 excl. VAT


How does the process work?

Here is how your website will be created, regardless of which plan you select.

  1. 1. Send us your requestFill out a request to create a website. We will forward it to our design partner.
  2. 2. Call with our design partnerOur partner will set up a phone meeting with you to confirm your requirements and the details of the offer you selected.
  3. 3. First paymentAt this step you subscribe to an annual Gandi Site Business pack, and pay a 50% initial payment to our design partner (by bank transfer or PayPal)
  4. 4. Content collectionYou will supply our design partner with the text, images, videos, and other documents with which they will populate your website. During this step you will also agree on the template and color scheme.
  5. 5. Website developmentOur partner will develop your website using your Gandi Site interface, while keeping you informed of it's progress.
  6. 6. First draftYou will be presented with a first draft of your website. You can request changes at this time.
  7. 7. Make requested modificationsOur design partner will make any requested modifications.
  8. 8. Final draft and paymentOnce you have validated the final draft, you will be asked to pay for the remaining 50% of the order. Upon reception of your payment, the website will be published and you will take over its management via your Gandi Site interface.
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