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Gandi Newsletter for July, 2015 - We celebrate the diversity with a diversity of promos!

It's rare that we can put this many domain name promos into a single communication. We are going for a record, here. That, and some new features we think you will like, give us cause to celebrate!


  1. Auto-renewal by default
  2. Personal data protection in WHOIS expanding
  3. July gTLD release calendar
  4. .TECH is coming, and we have a promo waiting
  5. Get a .PW for the price of a doughnut
  6. A marriage promo bundle
  7. Promo roundup

Here at Gandi we don't believe in air conditioning: we sweat through the day, working on new features and bringing you domains for less! Well, actually our offices in San Francisco have "natural" climate control, thanks to the nearby Pacific ocean. Even if it were cold, we would still sweat in Paris, though, since we have been working on setting up expanded WHOIS data protection, and adding an option to accounts to allow all the domains you create to have auto-renewal turned on by default. It's hard work. We've also made the summer more pleasant, by introducing a huge slew of promotions, letting you pick up those domains you have been waiting for at prices that still leave enough in your bank account to pay for that barbeque on Saturday. And if you are planning a wedding of any description (now that everyone has the right to), we have a special bundle just for yo…  Read more...

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