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Together at last: The limited edition Gandi Supports logo mashup t-shirt series

It has been eight years since we started selling t-shirts to benefit Gandi's supported projects, and we're betting on our customers' inexhaustible love of Gandi apparel once again. Today, we're announcing a brand new, special-edition series of shirts: it's two of your favorite logos in one!

Gandi is currently supporting more than 300 projects. Not always directly connected with our industry, these projects move us because they correspond with our values and jive with the No Bullshit way of life. Open source projects, associations, organizations, foundations, podcasts; some bigger than others; some being little more than an idea, yet unhatched, but whose time has come: the one thing they all have in common is that we think they each make the world a little better than it was before.

Of course, none of this would be possible without you, because our modest contributions to these projects are made possible by the thousands of shirts that you have purchased.

Today, we are pleased to finally show you something that has been in the works for nearly a year now: a limited series of shirts blending our logo with those of our favorite supported projects. Nine of our supported projects have accompanied us on this particular adventure and have seen their own beloved logos blended with ours, wit…  Read more...

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